Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The inside and underside.

As we hoisted up the old freighter lifeboat that used to cap the boat roofed dry stone foundation we built ten years ago, you could clearly see the rugged underside. We trucked the hull down the river site where it waits for its new home. 

It was an exciting moment to peer inside the boat roof house foundation and find the time capsule. Mark handed it to Charles Wickett who will be adding the contents to the new time capsule we are creating and will put in the boat when it is relocated to its new location. We will show you what was inside it in a future post.

Steve Guthrie of News Watch CHEX TV was there getting the inside scoop.

Oh, and we all received our new very red Following Farley T-Shirts. Very exciting ! No doubt we will put one in the time capsule. XXL