Friday, October 21, 2016

Dry Stacking Pallets and Wet Stacking Scaffolding

Sometimes,when your doing dry stack walling high up, scaffolding is needed, especially if your building something like a moongate, which is what we were doing last week in Upper N. Y. state. 

When you don’t have any proper scaffolding you can stack pallets, and stand on them higher and higher as you stack the stones up over the form. 

Setting up scaffolding to build a bridge arch can be another problem, especially when it has to be set up in the water. Andre Lemieux had to dive down holding large rocks and try to stack them below the surface. He had to make four secure underwater piers to set two sections of scaffolding on, so that he and Kenny Davies and the other wallers at the Perth Bridge Festival last July, could work up high enough to stack the stone voussoirs up over the bridge form.