Thursday, October 27, 2016

How many boulders in 1 lb?

"Roughly 9, but depending on how the boulders crumble, there could be more or less." Says Kimmie on their FAQ webpage " But you’ll for sure get your 1lb! "

ChocoRocks 5lb. Bulk (Gold Boulders)

ChocoRocks Gold Boulders 5lb. Bulk
Our Price: $41.00

These, of course, are boulders you can eat.

I recently learned about these rocks from John Scott who brought me some ChocoRocks back from Montana last month when he was visiting there.
He was fascinated when he saw them in a local candy store and knew I would be too.

The Natural ChocoRocks he brought back came in a 3 oz package and didn't have any boulders. Hmm.

The label says ChocoRocks are 'packaged in Reno Nevada', which is some 957 miles from the famous Chaco Canyon where presumably they are originally quarried.  Whatever the case ChocoRocks are a bite of a mystery.

Incidentally, around 200,000 pieces of turquoise have been excavated from the ruins at Chaco Canyon.