Sunday, June 12, 2016

Worthy of Description

How much value do we actually put on the photos we post? While it's true 'a photo is worth a thousand words', don't the 'pics' we post at least deserve a word or two of explanation? 

In order for our ideas to thrive in this pixel dominated universe we need to express ourselves with words as well.

To that end I would like to add a few words about the photo above...

Due to in part to excessive branding by Macdonalds, the familiar image of 'Golden Arches' inspires us to think very little else about its shape except the prospect of fast food.

I wonder if, by contrast, the dry stone structure we built out on Vancouver Island with the students from what was then called Glendale Gardens, over 6 years ago, could be a kind of whimsical rescuing of that iconic double arched shape from some of its associated commerciality ?

Hopefully it instills fresh meaning into the shape and offers an alternative to the visual disconnect caused by its lack of having any other interpretation than that of knowing there are Big Macs somewhere up ahead. 


  1. This is some of my work but after visiting here on numerous occasions I'm trying to figure out how I can one day utilise your talents or at least one of your circle!

    1. Beautiful restoration job. Well done. Yes you can call on us to build you a dry stone wall around it any time .