Sunday, June 5, 2016

Over Time

Before and after photos open our eyes afresh to the magic of what happens over time. This project came about through the initial vision and confidence our clients had in our ability. Then we were set free to let the existing boulders speak to us. Eventually the what was there crept into a totally different shape.

Over time, everything can be transformed. Combining skill and lots of physical exertion, all those heavy boulders were rolled away from their cluttered arrangement along the embankment and then pushed back up into place properly. We knew that what was there before could be made to look so much better, and as it did, we almost forgot how it used to look.

The camera allows us to look back and enjoy the drama that unfolded on that hill. Seeing the raw material we had to work with again, and looking at the before shot, triggers emotions akin to remembering a play with an acrimonious plot that turns out having a happy ending.

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