Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Visit to Amherst Island.

Sean and I spent the day at Amherst Island the site of last year's dry stone festival. We took photos of the stonework there. He commented that it was 'far from a complete disaster'. On the Adcock scale, this is praise indeed! 

We met up later with Jacob Murray and a lot of his friends and fellow islanders having a late solstice celebration at the western end of the island. Not that the solstice was late, but that it was a celebration one week later

Sean and I built five small stone arches on the flat multi-layered, rock shelved beach and one in the water. 

The stones magically snapped into place. It seemed like all the stones enjoyed having a chance to take on arch shapes, however briefly. 

There was great food and lots of happy excited  talk about the past festival and the one coming up in Perth Ontario this July. Sean has been invited to attend that festival.

Sean who is often quite dismal at most social events even admitted to having a good time yesterday .


  1. I hope you hung around for sunset? See you all in July!

  2. .....and Sean's not dismal, he's the funniest bastard out there. Just need to tune in to his humor.

  3. Sean makes me laugh. Great subtle sharp humour. It's hard not to enjoy yourself on Amherst. Jacob and the other residents are such great hosts.The stone is very like the karst on the Aran Islands. Grippy stuff!

  4. Hope to see you in Perth as well John...John Scott and others have been working very hard to make sure that anyone who makes it there will have a great time....there is camping and we are arranging billets as well....Looking forward to seeing you again

    1. Thanks Andrea. Sean and I are looking forward to seeing you and everyone there at Perth