Monday, June 6, 2016

Don't Build Walls Without it !

End of second day of the 'Following  Farley' Fundraiser Dry Stone Workshop Event in Port Hope, On. 

If there was only one thing I was able to get across to someone enrolled in a dry stone wall workshop it would be the concept of having fun. 

Forget the pressure of maintaining an air of seriousness, of thinking of it as arduous labouring, of it being a grudgingly burdened interaction with heavy material, of the whole thing being an exasperating attempt to not break any rules, of keeping up to someone else's standards, of trying to get done more than you feel physically capable of, of trying to impress people, of needing to pass some sort of test, of thinking that if your having fun you're not learning. 

That's all baloney. 

Any learning situation has a special self-fulfilling component to it that, if you allow it a chance, makes the whole thing surprisingly pleasurable. 

It's called 'fun'. Don't build walls without it.

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