Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No more walls without comments

Several of you wrote to me recently to say the 'Comments' function at the bottom of this blog page didn't seem to be working. You will be glad to know it's working now. 

Just press where it says No comments: ( I know, that sounds like you're not supposed to comment, but it just means there are no comments on that post yet)  

You don't need to prove who you are, or be a follower, or a google blogger or have a URL, whatever that is.. Just type in your comment as 'anonymous' in the 'Comment as': window. 

Also, sometime ago ( I didn't notice how long ) the 'Recent comments' window on the right stopped working. This has been fixed now too, so you can see your comments displayed, usually within a day of them being submitted. 
I try to answer many of them.

Walls without 'Cement' is what this blog is all about, but not walls without 'Comments'.   Thanks.  J

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