Monday, March 28, 2016

Unlikely (not unlikable) elements

A well built wall stands as a testament to true synthesis and harmony. The pleasing relationship of its parts is neither disguised nor flaunted. The fits are good but not exaggerated . The stones align in ways that look genuine, not postured or showy. 

A good wall is not in conflict with itself or the surrounding landscape. It does not encourage discord but rather brings harmony to the place it resides.

At first glance gravity, mass and friction seem unlikely things for creating any kind of aesthetic cohesion, but these elements, if applied with some humility and yieldedness, can create beautiful long lasting relationships amongst stones of all shapes and sizes.  They can make a wall look like it naturally wants to stay together. Forcing stones into subjection,  whether it be with glues, cements, steel or other mechanical 'fasteners', will rarely ever accomplish that same feeling of 'rightness'.

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