Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Wall-lala Picnic Area Wall.

This very cool retaining wall was created by students at the Gualala Art Center taking the Dry Stone Conservancy waller's workshop during the  Stone Foundation, 2016 Stone Symposium. ( In acronyms, that's a - D. S. retaining W. built at G.A.C by D.S.C. students at S. F. 2016 S. S.)

Congratulations, and a shout out of 'well done' goes to...

Anthony Davis
Seattle, WA

Robert Faraone
 Coventry, RI

Mark Gienapp
Gunnison, CO

Raymond Haas
Brownsville, OR

Melissa Hall
Buckhorn, ON

Dave Irving
Madison, WI

Kevin Kobylczak
Shelter Cove, CA

Torben Larsen
Putney, VT

Mike McHugh
Louisville, CA

Lincoln Perino
Tucson, AZ

Jennica Tamler
Pittsbugh, PA

Brant Watson
Talent, OR

Justin Reichman
Middletown, CT


Andrea Hurd (Woloschuk)
Bekeley, CA

And of course big kudos go to master waller and instructor Neil Rippingdale and Michael Murphy who released the power of creativity and talent in these students to make such a beautiful enclosure in California last January.

And to Jane Wooley, who through her magical administrative organizing powers worked to make it possible for it all to happen. 

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