Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Untitled Wall-lala Wall.

Monroe sits in front the vertically fitted dry stone wall that we built last year between two tall California redwoods, which so far has alluded us, not only as to what to name it, but also coming to any understanding as to why it looks so good.

Huge, plump, saucer-shaped stones from Grass Valley, Ca. were manipulated into place, first with rollers and bars and then as it got higher, painstakingly lifted into position with great human effort. They were all arranged and fitted vertically with no shaping or mechanical intervention. 

The result was magical. 

It has been described by some as fort-like, primitive, neanderthal-ish, honest , stunning and, by Richard Rhodes as the most exciting installation on Peter's property in terms of where we are taking the art of walling.

Our intention is to some day do a similar, but larger, taller, fully circular installation using this type of stone to create the shape of a old growth mammoth-sized redwood stump.

Photos provided by Kat Gleason

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