Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Warmth.

A  stone wall is a kind metaphor for connectedness between people. It is a cooperation of differences, a celebration of things fitting together without discord. It is not about expedience, nor is it about imposing one’s own 'uncompromising standards'. It is about seeing similarities and agreements within the given parameters. If it doesn’t negate or undermine the enduring quality of goodness and common sense, stones and people will always stay together.

Lasting bonds are only created in the climate of acceptance and adaptability. Certain alignments of malcontents, like clusters of frozen stones locked tightly together in the fortress of winter, may look deceptively solid, even permanent, but are only bound to one another in the bitter atmosphere of negativity and collusion. They will detach and fall apart when the all-prevailing warmth of truth arrives. Spring brings warmth, and then all the frozen clumps of stone break up. The icy defiance of winter is dissolved.

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