Sunday, March 6, 2016

Triangular Theme Wall at Wall-lala

A long retaining wall we built in Gualala utilized a lot of french-bread-shaped 'guillotined' stones which normally would be used in thin 4 inch veneer-work, laid long ways, instead of 'into the wall', the way we had to use it (if it was going to be dry laid). Consequently the wall, except for the vertical coping, looked a bit like stacked firewood.

The wall had a triangular theme

The wall also incorporated cope and flag material which normally would be laid on its flat on top of a wall or in patio work. Thus the project gobbled up a lot of stone, since only the smallest faces of the stones were then visible in the wall. 

But this is what you have to do to make structural walls, rather than just 'decorating' with stones.

The third kind of stone we used was a Romero Red sandstone. It comes in huge long cubes. We used these for the benches which we inset into the ends of the wall where I designed the wall to jog 'triangularily'. (is that a word?) Master waller Sean Adcock was put on the task of building all four backs of the benches and 'aced' them.

Sean Adcock

Video Clip

Patric McAfee

The triangular niches were Patrick McAfee's idea to tie into the triangle theme of the Pyro-mid, a previous structure we built the year before, (which you can see in the short clip above) situated relatively close to our tri-stone wall.

Alan Ash

Sean Smyth

Me S-R

Voila, tout le Wall-lala gang, 2013 !

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