Friday, March 18, 2016

Spilling over.

We are in Washington DC . Today we visited my favourite Goldsworthy piece. 

Over the course of nine weeks in the winter of  2004/2005 Andy Goldsworthy and a crack team of  dry-stone wallers from across the pond installed this slate multi-domed sculpture entitled Roof on the ground level of the East Building of the National Gallery .

Of the many cool things about this installation Ive always liked the way it spills out of the gallery onto the street. Unfortunately the whole building is being renovated (inside and out ) and you can't see it from the street at this time. 

Luckily you can still go inside and see it spilling out of the sculpture foyer, through the plexiglass barrier, and back into the gallery.

As a consolation for those of you who have never actually seen it, I've formatted the above photo to dramatically spill out over the rest of the blog page, in order to help create something of a similar effect.

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  1. It always amazes me that, when selected with care and used appropriately, a stone surface can look so soft.