Saturday, August 15, 2015

Talking about my generator

Like several of our neighbours here in Port Hope we installed a generator after the big ice storm of 2014. It is situated conspicuously in front of our above ground pool. (The pool is hidden by the Engleman Ivy)  To disguise the plastic, very out of place 'look' of the the generator, we built a free standing dry stone wall around it. 

Now it's as if the generator has just 'faded away'. 

It seems to me that this is very simple solution and could be applied in situations where you had propane tanks or other unsightly things on your property that you wanted to hide.


  1. Did you download the IPhone app to measure noise levels at the house and road before and after the wall installation?
    Mass and irregular surfaces are the two most effective ways to reduce noise transmission.
    I know a neighbourhood where there are multiple generators and if the power goes off in the summer it sounds like a swarm of killer bees has descended.
    Jim Daniels Haliburton DSW class of 2015

  2. I didn't Marion, but I should have. Good comments thank you.