Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Natural Stone Works!

Dan pearl sent photos of a beautiful moon gate he recently built on his property.  

He explained

 "I started this 5 years ago intending to build it with a batch of odd shaped cobbles stones I had been collecting.  It mostly sat as the base portion of stone built up to just the bottom center keystone and 4-5 stones either side of it.  I kept finding that the neighborhood kids would dislodge everything with constant climbing and trash my batter lines.  It was always one step forward and two back to restore the bottom of the arch.  It ends up as a bit of an oval because I refused to strip out and reset the last round of disruptions.  

Holly and I are planning to build a new home here on our lot.  The stone leftovers from various jobs were in the way and I couldn't bare to abandon the project after all this time so I just used the stones laying around with minimal trimming to get it done. 

No machines were used in the building and all the big stones were walked up the outside steps to be placed.  

Couldn't of done it without you sharing your knowledge freely- both arches and moon gates.  For that I am grateful.  Thank you! "

Thank you, Dan . It looks terrific!

Dan lives near Rochester N Y and can be contacted at
   dan pearl
  natural stone works, LLC
       107 Long Pond Rd
    Rochester, NY 14612 
     ph: (585) 260-8653

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