Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dreaming and Waking.

A day at the cottage becomes an escape into a miniature world. With the transforming assistance of sand heaped onto a cluster of rocks not far from the main dock, jutting out of Lake Papineau, a castle is born and a new inhabited land emerges. 

Small stone dry laid arches make for charming little bridges linking the islands. Dripped fistfuls of sand leave melted pine trees clinging to imaginary cliffs. Staircases formed with a kitchen spatula lead up to the main tower where tiny people look out over the rocks and feast their eyes on the sea below.

The lake water surrounds this tiny island getaway, lapping patiently against the make-believe shoreline . This is a place to lose oneself in - a sleepy fairy tale dream, a place of rest, until a noisy motor boat surges past and destroys it all with its wake. 

Nevertheless, this miniature world remains as magical and real as it is temporary.

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