Friday, August 28, 2015

Finally finished!

Shaun S. wrote to me a few days ago to say he took my weekend walling workshop in Inverary Ont in June 2011 and that he had finally completed his dry stone wall project he had started back then. 

His plan at that time was to build two 40 ft sections of wall using re-claimed

" I started the wall in the summer of 2012 and had it 95%done
last summer, but still needed to locate some nice field stone to top off my last section of wall. I finished the last 40 ft section today!

A brief history of the project: I removed the stone from a nearby foundation of an old house on the property adjacent to mine in Winchester. 
My brother owned the house and property and demolished the brick house after it was no longer inhabitable. I dug out the old stone from the foundation and removed it and stacked it for future use in the summer of 2007. I placed the wall along the private dirt roadway that I share with two other brothers, and the wall was built approximately 40 feet from the foundation of the old brick house. 

When I was digging out the foundation I located an old apothecary bottle
later dated to the 1870's.

I worked on the wall myself and logged 180 hours on both walls. I capped off the walls with nice field stone that had been tossed to the fence lines over the years. It took months to search out this final layer of decorative stones.

Thought I'd update you both on my project which is now FINISHED!!!



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