Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dry Stone Walling Across the World

Camel Hump dry stone wall.
Photo: Camel Hump is the longest continuous dry stone wall in Australia. (Supplied: Prue Chapman)

While not a lot of comments are posted to this blog directly, both Thinking With My Hands and the DSWAC website get lots of feedback via private emails from around the world. We mostly get inquiries about the dry stone work opportunities in Canada. Occasionally we get requests for information about wallers who would be interested in traveling and working in far away lands. 

Below is a sample letter I received yesterday. It sounds like a great opportunity for someone with artistic walling skills and a taste for adventure.

< Greetings Canada, here from Australia. Maybe you can pass on my contact to any strapping young lad that might want to work down under and build me a wall or two. I live quite close to the fabulous Gold Coast and am looking for someone who wants an awesome working holiday.I have plenty of wonderful rocks to create with!! Similar to a wwoof-ing experience, I'm offering amazing accommodation, meals and a car and a fantastic holiday, in exchange for 4 days a week creating some rock art. Open to any discussions.
Dr.A T >

I will provide the contact information if you are interested.

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  1. Sounds like fun, but not in the cards at the moment. Thanks for posting!