Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ennismore unveils new dry stone wall and archway

Ennismore unveils new dry stone wall and archway

The Ennismore Arch would not have happened were it not for the three women standing to right of me - Hellen Young, Sarah Sulivan and Gail Woodard.  

Many thanks also to the Ennismore Horticultural Society . 

There are a lot of volunteers who helped and the DSWAC students who did so well completing this arch over two consecutive weekends last summer.  
And now, thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to this unveiling event.

The Ennismore Hort Society showed a lot of forward thinking in organizing on such a grass roots level, members of their community to gather and create such a fine looking permanent stone feature. It commemorates Ennismore Ontario and the Irish culture connected with it, and does so by utilizing local people and material, rather than having a construction company come from outside the community to build some impersonal concrete edifice that would have had no real connection with the people. The arch demonstrates the skills and enthusiasm that the people of this small southern Ontario community uniquely possess.

We had fun building this dry stone arch. It was a great experience and the impact the finished structure creates now as you come round the corner suggest that something very special happened here and continues to do so.

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