Monday, August 17, 2015


After storing them for sometime near his mother's house, Evan Oxland, (who brought them back from their spectacular debut at Toronto's Nuit Blanche in 2012) arranged to deliver this cheery collection of stony, painted-faced memorabilia back to our property in Port Hope.

And here they remain, (resting up for some future occasion perhaps) a whimsical reminder of happy days when dry stone walling was allowed to be structurally spontaneous at times and good wallers felt encouraged to adventure into different areas of creativity without risking their reputations.

Evan Oxland and Akira Inman certainly organized an exciting event that night. 

"Wall Spray was a dry stone Mashup." Evan explained, "The idea was to bring the rural to the urban."

There was a whole lot going on - music, dancing and a continuous light show. The graffiti wall became a kind of transmogrification, an evolving mixture of artists, craftsmen and audience, advancing the ever-changing stone wall eastward along the busy Toronto sidewalk   

It was a fresh concept, and though unorthodox, embodied the spirit of Canadian walling, which was, and hopefully will remain, entirely friendly, inclusive and non-competitive. 

Perhaps the relocated Nuit Blanch stones will be re-membering.


  1. John. Captured the spirit we Canadians are bringing to the craft.

  2. A lot of people had a great time that night, I hear....sorry I missed it

  3. You captured the spirit we Canadians are bringing to the craft. Christopher Barclay