Friday, March 16, 2012

Not such a new slant.

The idea of stacking the stones in a slanted arrangement, along a dry stone wall, came to me back in 2007. We had an opportunity to do a version of this at the Peterborough Flower and Garden Show the following year. Though I had not seen it done before, presumably slanting the stones in walls was not something new. However, I wanted to experiment with the idea a bit more, building the wall in a curve too, and have the height gradually undulate.

We added a turf top of thyme to the wall too just for effect.  

The wall was a big success. There was a correctness about the slanted pattern, and it not only registered as stunning, it was still very structural. This project became the inspiration for several new designs involving the same walling 'on-the-bias' principle.

Tomorrow I'd like to look at the development of this original slanted wall concept ( with photos) as we  applied to other past projects up to the present one which we recently finished in California.

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