Friday, March 23, 2012

Faux Dry Stone

It was gratifying to finish up all the inside stonework at the new house we are working at this month. We cleaned up Thursday afternoon. 

It looks like dry stone construction, but it is 'faux' dry stone". 

The mortar (which eats away at your hands, smears the stones, dribbles on the floor, and makes building with stones generally a messy unfriendly business) is all hidden in this 16 foot tall fireplace, with two four foot high, back-to-back fireboxes. All the joints between the stones have been 'raked' back so that it looks like no mortar was used anywhere. After the dust and smeary cement is completely washed off with a mild solution of muriatic acid and water. It looks awesome.

All the granite fieldstone came from off the property.


  1. Thanks Norman. I hope to be able to take you to see this fireplace when you are here in October.