Friday, March 30, 2012

Artifex Balear

Despite a general strike in the whole of Spain yesterday where we were left stranded in Inca Mallorca without buses or trains, we had the great fortune to meet up with Miguel Ramis of Artifex Balear who gave us a marvelous tour of the restoration stone work school he runs in Inca. After showing us all the marvelous work that is being done there he took us on a tour of Palma and gave us a private tour of some of the most amazing stone staircases, door entrances, and groin vaults in the whole of Mallorca.

I don't have enough time here continuing on our 'Tour of walls of Mallorca' to write about the many stone buildings and sculptures and walls we saw yesterday but I intend to revisit this subject very soon.

(Thank you Miguel for giving us so much of your time and showing us such incredible stonework.

The world artifex is latin and recalls a time when it was used to define both alike "artist" and "artisan", hence the idea of using it to define my project, after the idea of the Bauhaus Manifesto ( The artist is an exalted craftsman.)

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