Sunday, March 25, 2012

Loud and Clear

So we were in the Toronto airport yesterday waiting for the flight to Paris where we make our connecting flight to Madrid and then on to Palma. I noticed an advertisement in both French and English on the wall for an iphone app that apparently will instantly translate anything you say into it into any number of languages. I thought this will be great for our time in Spain. I looked it up on the App Store and downloaded it for a mere .99

After it downloaded and I thought I'd figured it out,I turned to Willa and said "Do you know French? Im going to speak to this in English and see if it translates what I say properly". 

I couldn't think of what to say but then blurted out "I think our plane to Paris is about to be boarding" I fumbled and found what I thought was the play back button, little realizing that this app only translated things back into text format. Amazingly though at the same time I pressed what I thought the playback button the words instantly came blaring over the loudspeaker throughout the entire airport. 
"Les passengers d'Air France vol peut procéder à la porte C35 à bord du vol à Paris."

I said to Willa "Hey this app works surprisingly well?

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