Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Andrew Currie's Work part 2

The colourful patterned asymmetry of the flora combines with the random design of Andrew's stonework.  To build a wall like this is requires flair and controlled abandon.

Andrew's wall has none of the busy look one might expect from using such a variety of shapes and sizes. He carefully shapes and nestles the stones so that they not only fit snuggly and structurally, they also have a satisfying spontaneity. Even though bigger stones are placed above smaller ones and they are not all positioned along the horizontal, he creates both a highly functional and very pleasing looking structure.

See previous post for the story of this wall.


  1. What a work of art. I love the variety in the cope stones. The consistancy of it is really eyecating in it's randomness , a very natural looking wall.

  2. The type of walling illustrated is recorded in Devon, south England, and is called 'chip and block'. It has similarities to some Japanese styles.