Monday, March 12, 2012

Eric and Kerry's Memorial Wall

Eric Landman

I had the privilege to work along side this wonderful man yesterday on the spectacular wall that he and Kerry Landman's son Jordon are building in her memory. We took some of the scaffolding away at the end of the day so we could take this picture. We were gratified to see the design registering so clearly as a tree and the whole structure looking so impressive already.  Eric expects it should be completed in a few more weeks.

 Ashleigh laid flowers in the wall for her mother and covered them over with hearting stones.


  1. "And the tree was happy"

    Shel Silverstein

  2. It is going so well. Looks brilliant.

  3. Had the joy and privilege to 'discover' this location today and learn of the background from one of the volunteers. Thank you for sharing.