Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wall In The Family

Our grandchildren always look forward to the dry stone wall Easter egg hunt that has become part of the Shaw-Rimmington tradition here in Port Hope. While others celebrating this holiday must look for suitable hiding spots in the less exciting places each year, like the lawn, the dog house, window wells or the outdoor barbecues, our chocolate eggs can be imaginatively hidden along an easily accessed, child height stone surface of intriguing and varied hiding spots. The turf-top stone walls which I built on the side of our house when we first moved here provide a wide assortment of egg hiding opportunities. With their many cracks and crevices, the eggs can be cleverly hidden so that a variety of age group levels are accommodated. This year the walls were again festooned with shinny foil wrapped eggs and gladly gave up their chocolaty treasure to the children, amidst wild screams of delight. The walls almost seem like part of the family.

Happy Easter from the family.