Friday, April 8, 2011

Hand Held Camera

I don't know the folks who did this little video. Evan Oxland found it and sent it to me yesterday.
He wondered if it was one of my arches. I wrote back and said yes it was. It was one we built out west in Burnaby BC for N W Landscaping and Stone Supply. It was a beginners workshop.
It's three years old and I was happy to see it is still looking well and that someone liked it enough to do a video.


  1. I don't know who Geezerboy is, but it looks like Bill Hardy has been playing with technology again. He's getting pretty good. I was in the class that worked on that arch - great experience.

  2. It might be interesting to note that DSWAC has come under harsh criticism in building arches as part of beginner workshops. Critics argue that beginners are being shown too much, too soon, without having the proper experience and skill level to construct an arch. I think that it is important to explain that the workshop is not about the arch, but rather about the proper construction of a wall. In this case, the cheekend end was planned to end at a gate's distance from a wall built in a previous workshop (if I recall correctly) which John used as a demonstration by building a form and arching across....not as part of the workshop, but more like "dotting the i". Besides, arch instructions are available on the Internet...anyone can attempt this in their backyards....workshops are better because it focusses on the wall and inspires the participants to concentrate on proper waling principles while getting a glimpse of what can ultimately be done later on. These additional demos are done, not to get newbies out building dry stone bridges across interstates, but to show them the creative potential of building with stone. Many participants are landscape designers who may have never considered these additional applications before, and begin to consider new designs and ultimately hire qualified wallers to build these things. Further, many beginner participants, exposed to walling through workshops, continue working with other wallers to hone their skills and become excellent wallers who admit their initial excitement was spurred by John's open sharing policy and creative demonstrations. I know of at least 5 wallers who have earned UK certification who began with these kinds of DSWAC workshops. I think this is a wonderful thing and urge you to continue your work John.