Thursday, April 7, 2011

Securing the Shoreline

These rocks are waiting at the shoreline to be drafted again - called up, enrolled back up the slope and rearranged. They require a commander-in-chief to get them organized not just into the crack regiment they were before, but into an even tighter army of Boulders in Arms. This is too precise, too delicate an operation for clumsy Armour stone. It's not expedient to call in foreign mercenaries either. The recruits must come from here and nearby. The native stone can defend their own coastline best.

They have been pushed around for years by the ice bullies that come in off the lake every winter.
It's time they got their act together and presented a strong unified front to these invasions by sea.
No longer the time to be on maneuvers, these rocks need to stabilize the area and create a new strong hold to defend the land and protect the cottage population

But then again it's a bit too cold to step into the lake yet. So let's go back inside the bunky and make more plans.