Saturday, April 9, 2011

Free Walling

My friend Seth Godin has a daily blog where he often manages to say things pertinent to the moment.

April has got me all excited about walling here in Canada.

Yesterday Seth's posting entitled Ten years of changing the world starts out with three very good points.

Lesson 1: In fact, you can make a difference, you can start something from scratch, you can build something without authority or permission. Passionate people on a mission can make change happen.

Lesson 2: In fact, philanthropy works. Building systems and enhancing entrepreneurial outcomes generates results far bigger than the resources invested.

Lesson 3: You better be prepared to stick it out, to exert yourself, to last longer than you ever expected and to care so much it hurts.

These points seem right in line with the direction we will be continuing to take this year with Dry Stone Walling Across Canada.

This week I joined Patrick Callon and his crew Mike and Brian all members of the DSWAC as we set about creating an Orbital Moon Gate using only dry laid stone - a special design that Patrick came up for this show and I had the honour of helping tweak.

Come see us continue building it all Saturday and Sunday at the London Fairgrounds