Monday, April 4, 2011

Wall Covering

A good photographer knows all about framing a picture and composing a composition so that it is free of anything that will distract from what it is they want you to see. In the same way when we look at a house or a piece of property we shouldn't be distracted by such things as propane tanks, flimsy tin storage sheds or ugly above ground swimming pools.

There are several ways these things can be disguised. Many people would agree that natural stone, or at least the natural stone 'look' is a good way to go. We've looked at a few of these solutions - phony stone partitions as well as plastic and fiberglass covers of various sizes. But what about real stone used to build real stone walls to hide the unattractive objects and structures on the property?

The photo above was taken of a wall in Scotland that was specially built to hide the two ugly plastic water tanks which you can see from behind in the photo below.

The two pictures below show how an unsightly Canadian Tire tin shed (which always wrecked any pictures we took of our garden looking to the north) was transformed into something which now blends in and creates one of the most pleasing views on our whole property.