Sunday, April 3, 2011

Does that about cover it?

Not sure if this is the best answer for the problem of the unsightly propane tank in the front yard? Tomorrow we will take a look at how the lowly dry stone wall can come to the rescue in situations where you have something you want to hide..

Anyway you might want to read the blurb below about phony fiberglass rock covers, if you are still thinking real stones and proper stonework are not the answer or too expensive. This 325-pound rock cover has a hinged lid for easy access and costs only $1,899.

It's an innovative new product that provides homeowners with an aesthetic and permanent solution to the problem of unsightly above-ground propane tanks. The Rock Box Propane Tank Cover (PTC) from Boulder Looks is a faux-rock cover that fits over standard 250-gallon propane tanks. The product was conceived when the inventor was looking for a way to conceal an ugly tank from view in his front yard. He found that the only covers available were fabric, which are not natural-looking and must be replaced every few years.The cover features an articulated lid that rolls back when access to the tank is necessary. The Rock Boxes PTCs come in five natural colors so homeowners can match them to existing landscaping or geography. The product itself weighs approximately 200 pounds, is approximately 1 inch thick and is made from a composite of fiberglass roving -- a material that is higher quality than that used to make boats -- isophthalic fillers and other superior quality materials that mean it will last many years, provides year-round shade for tanks and offers outstanding protection from extreme weather and temperature