Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tower View

This photo I took on February 4th 2014 shows the wooden viewing platform where occasionally we'd throw balls from during some of our wilder games of litho bolos. (Note the trees in the background.)

The platform had been constructed by the realtor listing this coastal property to allow potential buyers to be able to see above the tops of the tall oaks and redwood in order to catch a good view of the Pacific Ocean below.  

After the land had been purchased I suggested to the owner that it was only right that the wooden structure now be taken down and a proper stone lookout tower be built there in its place.

Amazingly, that is exactly what happened.

Here is the Irish tower that was designed and eventually built. As you can see from the position of the trees, it is located on the very same spot that the original viewing platform had been constructed.  

The above photo I took early in February of 2017, three years later, shows the completed stonework the day that all the scaffolding was taken down.

Visitors who come to admire the view are all blown away by what they see. Oh, and yes, the view of the ocean from the top the tower is pretty nice too.

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  1. Wow! Brilliant John.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Kyle Schlagenhauf