Thursday, March 16, 2017

It nearly drove me back to the bottle.

I've been trying out a pretty amazing paint app on my iPad.

It's called Procreate

After a week of experimenting painting bottles, I ventured on to my first serious stone wall painting yesterday, based on a photo (on right) I took of some stonework I did in California.

As I gradually got familiar with many of Procreate's paint functions, two things occurred to me during the hours and hours I was painting, trying to achieve some degree of stone-like realism.

1. Stones, though seemingly commonplace and fairly homogeneous, have far more visual information stored on their faces than any common homo-sapien.

2. Because stones are so naturally given to the idea of endlessly sitting there having their portrait done, it makes the diversion of stopping for a drink, just to take a break from trying to paint them, seem like an undeserved indulgence!

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