Monday, March 27, 2017

Stone-paper wins !

I received a late Christmas present yesterday. My daughter Maddy had ordered a hardcover 100 page journal for me in November and it finally arrived. It was out of stock because lots of people were trying to buy such a unique item. 

I have to admit it is a pretty special book. It's a 'stone book' with 'stone' pages. That's right, the paper is actually made of stone. The sheets are thin, amazingly shiny, and quite flexible. The pages are so smooth/soft to the touch, it's hard to believe. 

It occurred to me to do the first painting in it combining the three elements of the common children's game - Rock Paper Scissors.

For sure, rock-paper will win every time over scissors now. That's because I don't have to cut this first page out of my stonepaper book, having stupidly painted the word 'scissors' incorrectly . 

The thing is, the paper is so shiny and nonporous I was able to wet the the letters c and i ,and with a paper towel completely erase them. I then painted them in again, in the right order .

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