Friday, March 3, 2017

A hit or miss situation.

Bicycling along the old Kern Canyon Road yesterday I rode past several places where huge boulders had recently slid off the mountain. The sobering reality of such big rocks occasionally just careening down onto the road really hit me.

The thing is, I'm fortunate in that I don't go too many days without getting to see and hold rocks of all shapes and sizes. I always enjoy working with them on some project or other. 

It's interesting. When I am working with them, I may often have to smash one or two of the more awkward shaped ones with a hammer. 

So then, in a sense it's true that if I'm away from them for any length of time, I end up 'missing' them, (in both senses of the word) 

I guess I'm asking myself if it's the same for them?

Is it only when I'm not there that they miss me?

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