Sunday, March 12, 2017

Seeds of Creation.

Out in the field with his team of Clydesdales a farmer is planting seeds the old way.  

A farmer long before him removed rocks from that same field and presumably made the old wall in the foreground.

The rocks are like 'inverse seeds'. 

They come out of the soil instead of go into it. Instead of being scattered, they are combined to come to fruition. 

Instead of needing water and sunlight to grow and ripen, all they need is a little imagination to survive, eventually becoming something that enhances the landscape. 

Unlike seeds, rocks are pretty much imperishable, and do their job well, unless of course you crush them and plow them into concrete to create a totally different landscape - a landscape where all too often neither type of seed survives.


  1. I love this so much - I love your writing and thoghts. I shared this post on my FB page:

  2. Thanks for your comments Jan and now I am enjoying your blog too.!