Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Secret Garden

In keeping with the latest trend of securing special dry stone wall projects where the location and design of which can not ever be divulged, we have signed an agreement to take on one ourselves. 

Our client has established a media blackout about the whole thing.  Only a few special people have ever been allowed to visit the site and even they have had to be driven blindfolded there and then spun around three times before they got to see anything. All cameras and iPhones are confiscated at the security gate and then destroyed. 

I'm very excited to be able to not talk about this new project or show any photos. However, I'm sure you can imagine how fantastic the feature is we are building. When it is completed I may try to get permission to post drawings of it done by one of  those courtroom sketch artists. But right now I'll bask in the thought of having a project so secret that even I don't know where or what it is.

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