Sunday, May 1, 2016

Action photo

  I stood in the wheelbarrow to take this rather posed photo of the great group of walling enthusiasts who are taking the Canton DSWAC workshop this weekend.

Then, as I fell off the wheelbarrow, I managed to take this action shot.


  1. So, you fell off your wheelbarrow onto a partially constructed stone wall.

    Did the wall sustain any damage?

    1. Apparently my fall was spectacular ...everyone was watching as I spun off the wheelbarrow and landed backwards on my head, but not on the wall. Luckily no bones broken .

  2. Just finished the course - it was wonderful - John is a master teacher, his skillful integration of instruction, practice, demonstration and critique were wonderful to be part of. i think that after a short exposure I could build a wall. I now want another course to refine and enhance my ability.
    Thanks John - Steve Elliott