Monday, May 23, 2016

A Flying Visit

Flying in from Ontario two days ago just to do this demonstration walling event in BC, I felt a bit like this falcon who did her own flyby to grace the arch we built yesterday at the Victoria Highland Games. 

Quite a crowd gathered too to see the wooden form being removed at the announced time Sunday afternoon.

It was gratifying to hear the many positive comments about our presence here at the games this year. One lady said that watching us build the arch was worth the price of admission alone. 

Others remembered us and remarked on our doing previous installations at The Games other years and how unusual each of the walling demonstrations were.

It took several hours, after we built the arch, before the space cleared to take this photo from the same angle as yesterday's blog shot, without any people in the photo.

Thanks to the Highland Games Association and to Christopher Barclay, Kevin Maloney and our students, for all their effort in making this year's walling event such a success. 

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