Friday, May 13, 2016

Hollywood Beehives in Ireland

It's a pity they didn't build authentic style dry stone beehives with real wallers here in Ireland. It would have been faster. Read about it in the Irish Independent below...

Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Almost Finished Jedi Temple Set Photos From Ceann Sibeal Revealed

Author ThumbnailAlthea SeradMay 02, 2016

The Star Wars: Episode VIII set at Ceann Sibeal in Kerry, Ireland is almost done.
In a myriad of photos revealed by the Irish Independent, it appears that the sixth-century monastic settlement replica on top of Ceann SibĂ©al on the Dingle Peninsula is nearly completed. The new slew of photos comes prior to Episode VIII filming to be held later this month.
The new images showcase elaborate beehive huts with steps leading to the center of the entire area. With the photos showing structures uncannily similar to the Unesco World Heritage Site at Skellig Michael, which is the site for Luke Skywalker’s hideaway planet Ahch-To, it’s expected that the Ceann Sibeal location is where Rey will be trained by Luke.
Check out the amazing production work in progress via the Irish Independent:

Ceann Sibeal is only one of several Irish locations used for the filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Unlike Skellig Michael, Ceann Sibeal posed very few issues in production since it had less conservation restrictions in filming.
This weekend, photographs of the Millennium Falcon have also leaked, showing the iconic space ship parked in the middle of lush vegetation.
Episode VIII is still months due its release, and it seems that with each location shoot, it can’t be helped that set photos are being leaked. In any case, the photos tease the awesome job production design has accomplished over the past few months. Hopefully though, nothing spoiler-y comes out.
Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

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