Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On the island of Doon

Accompanying Patrick McAfee and me crossing the lake on this our exploratory visit last Monday to consider and discuss strategy for removing the invasive ivy and repairing the collapsed section of the Doon Fort was archeologist 
Paula Harvey and DSWA of Ireland's 
Louise Price and of course our boatman Patrick McHugh


  1. John, I am sooo jealous! I can feel the history of the fortress in my bones. The connection of stone to the human spirit, at least my human spirit, is palatable :)
    Is there a solution to the vine problem? A defoliant and/or removal by hand seem the most likely answers but much of the damage has already been done. How do you stabilize a stone structure that has decaying organic material as contact points? I am very curious to hear how the issue is resolved.

  2. Hi, John. Still thinking about all we discussed and the positivity of your visit with the two Patricks and Louise. As mentioned funding is a problem but we are working on it. Got 5000 euros from Heritage Council on Friday. Any chance we could start a spnosor a Doon Fort stone on your end?