Friday, May 20, 2016

Stone is Here to Stay

Photograph by Goretti Sobeit

Reaching out from one particular block of dressed stone from hundreds of huge granite blocks that form the walls surrounding Victoria Harbour, is a bronze hand holding a mirror. 

Presumably this piece of public art encourages people to look into the mirror and take a 'selfie' looking back from the mirror at the harbour.

It's one way of substantiating the fact that you were indeed here in beautiful Victoria. 

As it turns out I am here too this week in Victoria B C to help teach a two day stone wall course during the Highland Games which takes place again this year at Topaz Park. I hope to see lots of you there too. 

Though not with bronze hands, we will certainly be 'reaching out' to create another kind of art this weekend, one that reflects an exciting return to building with stone in Canada, and emphasizing the virtue and structural superiority of stone, rather than continuing to mirror the fading glory of concrete.

Stone is here to stay.

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