Monday, November 9, 2015

White Waller/Kayaking

Trevor Spik, a Heritage Masonry graduate at Algonquin College, started working with me in 2013. He caught on fast and together we built some amazing walls and a magnificent bridge that year.

When he wasn't walling he went off white water kayaking. Seems to me he spent every weekend doing it all over Ontario.

Sometimes I even caught him daydreaming about it on the job !

Anyway last week he sent me some pics of a job he did for a friend recently.

He used the Perth Huckleberry stone. 

He said " If I ever have to use that for a job for a client that isn't a friend I think I'll charge double. Even grinders have a hard time cutting into it it's so hard!! Good learning experience though. Was definitely fun to design and build!"

Good to see Trevor keeping up his walling skills in case the kayaking starts to get boring. 

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