Friday, November 6, 2015

Three sides nearly complete

It feels very satisfying to carve out a little bit of the bush and enclose an area with stone to create a garden. There is something primal, something essentially purposeful about it. 

The walls will probably not keep out many vegetable eating predators but it still feels like the things that we grow here will do better than the small garden we presently use nearer the house. It never yielded very much. It seemed frail and exposed. 

The granite cope stones of this new garden area stand upright like sentries guarding against some unnamed foe. Each one I lift on to the wall has years of experience waiting and watching.  In fact all these glacial stones have done their time patrolling the hedgerows and perimeters of long established farm fields that have produced many seasons of crops and provided pasture for herds of livestock. 

These stones know what they are doing here. They bring a purposefulness to the garden. 

It is not difficult to imagine whatever we grow here will pick up that energy. 

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