Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello Dollies

There is nothing better for moving big stones than a dolly, except perhaps more dollies. They are quiet and easily maneuverable. They do the job with no fuss.  Where machinery is noisy and unreliable and might get stuck or break down, the common hand truck or dolly as its called (or less common and larger 'tree dolly') will never let you down. 
It might launch you into orbit when you try to lower a large stone into position, but other than that it is pretty easy to handle. 

Wheel barrows are difficult to load big stones into because you have to lift the stone to waist height. A dolly lets you roll even largish boulders onto it and then all you have to do is drag or push it to where you are building your dry stone wall. 

Here at Sara's garden centre workshop, Scott George and a local walling enthusiast discuss the merits of various sizes of dollies. Scott is maybe suggesting to the gentleman he might like to take one or two of them for a test drive.

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