Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indiana Jones, Druids, Mudders and Potatoes

Rick Merecer said " This is one of my best days ever"  

And I say, Well done Dry Stone Canada, and all you guys from Ireland and the States (and Scotland)  and thanks to all the lovely people we met on Amherst Island! 

Thank you especially Andrea. This was one of my best weekends ever.


  1. Thank you John for posting this . It was a wonderful weekend for all of us and clearly Rick Mercer enjoyed it too. Norman

  2. Thanks for posting the Rick Mercer show. Those potatoe 'st-arches' are a winner.
    Acknowledgement to Bobby Watt for his remark about 'rocks being unemployed stones' which I shamelessly used on the programme.

  3. Amherst Island was so blessed as wallers and carvers brought their positive spirit and talent to share in a true celebration of the joy of stone. Many of us continue to visit the site and soak up that vibe you left for us. We are truly grateful for the gift and will never forget you all. Please know that you will always have a place to stay whenever you choose to return :-)) You came as strangers and left as family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. the 'eyes' of Texas are upon you too
    well done