Thursday, November 19, 2015

Getting over it.

So yesterday's pic was a small two arch dry stone bridge built not that long ago in Perth Ontario how about this one?

The Freetown, MA. Elm Street, Dry Stone, Three Arch Bridge - still in use - constructed in 1822.

Though thousands and thousands of people and horses and carriages and cars and trucks have all gone over this amazing bridge for nearly 200 years, and yes, the fact is I know there are still vehicles going over it to this day, nevertheless I still can't get over it !

But I hope to see it and cross it one day!


  1. over the years, have there been attempts to 'improve' the bridge with mortar?
    I saw a lot of that on Isla in Scotland: Ugly, 'repaired' sections breaking down as the cement failed.

  2. I don't know Bob. Perhaps one of the followers of this blog might know? Please let us know.