Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Peterboroughs

With kind funding from the British government, Tony Lowe (top left) a countryside management teacher at Peterborough Regional college near Cambridge, England, and six of his students, arrived in Canada last weekend to attend the creative walling class being offered at Fleming College in Peterborough Ontario. These students, already knowledgeable in the rural craft of dry stone walling, have come to improve their skills as they learn about the artistic side of walling. Yesterday morning we talked about design and using small blocks made miniature structures and 'doodled' three dimensionally, exploring the themes of 'time and light'. 

In the afternoon we gathered in the rainy, very drizzly British type weather to work with a large muddy pile of life size stones. We talked about quarries and the different types of tools used for splitting stone and then shaped some of the big ones.

Today along with five mature Canadian students, the class will be starting to actually build a permanent sundial which has been specially designed for the front entrance of the college.